After the revival of the OLD MONEY style and the indie look, loafers regained their popularity.

A footwear that has never disappeared and that is actually a basic of every wardrobe was renewed to create a current aesthetic. Whether with heel, Creepers -type chunkys platforms, in Mule version or the “grandfather” classic, there is a loafer that goes to each personality and moment.

If we talk about key and timeless pieces in which you should invest, I would go for some classics, with a regular sole and durable materials since it is something that you will appreciate having in your closet.

But if you want to have fun and experiment, I would go for a color beyond black or brown, with something distinctive like a chunky platform.

A popular form that has paraded over time is the classic "schoolgirl" where we see them combined with mini skirts and long socks, whether knitted or stocking-type, and the version for boys with a more alternative style would be with shorts, as if they came out of your catholic school

But what we love most about loafers is their versatility, because no matter what you use them with, you will never fail, they are like a version of sneakers for when you are tired of wearing sneakers day after day. Use them with costumes, jeans, dresses, skirts ... whatever you want, you will always look extra cool.






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