pink fever

Since 2020, it made its appearance again as one of the key colors of this new decade, but with the arrival of the pandemic, the excitement faded a bit. Now that we are returning to "normal" we are hungry for color, fun, glitter and everything that can raise the dopamine levels in our body.

After a crisis it is normal for us to go from sobriety to a stage full of excesses and among them it is reflected in the colors we want to use and the catwalks are a reflection of this. Just to mention that Valentino presented his latest collection where everything, even the stage was pink and not just any pink, a pink created especially for Pierpaolo Picciolo (Valentino's designer) by Pantone, the color geniuses.


Pink is here to stay throughout 2022 and probably the entire decade, if you don't dare to wear it in a total look you can always do it as a pop of color and our recommendation is to do it in your shoes (obviously 😎)




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Text by @aleolivas__


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