Shipping policy

 Last TOupdate: 06 from December of 2020. 

SCTY GROUP SAS from CV, ("SCTY Group ") this aware from the importance what It represents in order to You, the Know the for minors Y Processes Involved on he Shipping from the Products acquired. 

In order to contact us: Department from Logistics 

Address: Av. Gonzalez Carnicerito 1269A, Tepatitlán Gardens,Tepatitlán de Morelos, Jalisco CP 47680.


Attention: Responsible of Department from Logistics 

The Present notice describes our politics from Privacy. to the to visit, you you accept the practices Described on the Present Politics from Shipping. 

On the Services 

The services of SCTY GROUP They consist of providing information to various national or international parcel and courier companies (Parcel Companies) to select with the Parcel or Courier Company that best suits adjustments to situation. SCTY GROUP it serves What a intermediate As in you Y the Business from Parcel. SCTY GROUP Note Transportation neither delivered the shipments Y SCTY GROUP Note it is Part from No. contract what you here With the Business from Parcel in order to pickup, transportation or deliver Their shipments. 

In the event that the Parcel Company does not collect or deliver the package, you must report it to the contact email and request it again. 

you will use the Services in order to benefits commitment or of User what on its CASE​ is Been registered, Y Note on Name or in order to benefits from third parties, neither may offer the Services or the from the Companies from Parcel to third parties from none s what SCTY GROUP or the Business from Parcel consider improper. from same s will use the Services in order to for purposes lawful Y what Note be prohibited for none laws provision, regulations national or foreign applies. 

In order to everything it related to the DELIVERY FROM THE SHIPPING, INSURANCE, GUARANTEE, REFUND I know will apply the terms Y terms from each a from the Business from parcel With the what SCTY GROUP collaborate, the which I know they can Consult on Their those sites Web. 

Further, the price paid-out to SCTY GROUP for the generation from a Within or outside from the platform, may to be refunded to the Username forever Y When the Note is Been documented on the Parcel selected to the moment from the cancellation Y request from refund; Y what Note Have perfectly more from 3 days natural since its elaboration. SCTY GROUP I know Booking the right on everything moment from Note how much SHIPMENTS CANCELED, When These requests for Part of Username be lacking from Any from the requirements Previously mentioned. 

SCTY Group assigned to service provider Shipping and a guide for tracking the package via email to the address that the User registered at the time of purchase 

Obligations of User 

  1. The User is responsible for making the knowledge of SCTY Group the correct delivery data and information that SCTY Group request in template at the time of purchase in online stores of SCTY Group, including the appropriate email address to receive notifications and updates from Shipping. 
  2. The User is responsible for track (Tracking), of his fatherstay in the parcel assigned by SCTY Group, and with the tracking number that you will receive from SCTY Group via Email to the address that the User registered at the time of purchase. 
  3. The User is responsible for being present at the assigned delivery address to receive the package of merchandise purchased in the online store of SCTY GROUP. 
  4. The User is responsible for collecting the product directly in the office of Actioncalendar services of Shipping assigned by SCTY GROUP, when for any circumstance so indicated by the service provider of sent for assigned tracking guide, in a period no longer than 3 days working hours counted from the notification or update from the service provider Shipping for any medium. 

The user, what's more from the obligations what I know they give off from the present Terms of Service Y terms, I know oblige to Note use the Services from way que: violate or violated from Any s R from property intellectual from SCTY GROUP or from third parties; 

  1. violate from Any s the present Terms of Service Y Terms or well the terms Y terms from the Companies from Parcel. 
  2. violate Any laws regulations or Any Other provision from Authorities municipal, state or federal or well treaties international 
  3. Try Obtain the Password or information from Any Other user, for Any half or, from Any shape. 
  4. interfere from Any s With the Services With the Website or Them from a use more there from the pointed out on the present Terms of Service Y terms. 

A violation from Any from the Previous it is reason in order to the termination from its right from use or to access to the Services from SCTY GROUP what may deactivate its account, on who CASE​ the User will be obligation to to pay Immediately ALL the invoices pending from pay. 

Links to others SITES Web 

The Website or the Services they can Contain left-wing to sites or post from third parties. SCTY GROUP Note Have control on These sites neither on the companies to the what they belong for it what Note Makes statements about from the information Provided or available on sayings sites neither from the quality or acceptability from the services or Products offered for Any person or entity to what I know make reference on sayings sites. 

SCTY GROUP Note Makes statements about of or quality from No. child from software found on sites from third parties. The from the information from the Companies from Parcel to attraverso of Website Note It constitutes on No. moment recommendations to favor from none for it what the interaction what Have the User With Any Business from Parcel Including the pay Y delivered from goods or services, terms, guarantee, etc. it is under its own self risk. 

you you accept what SCTY GROUP Note will have none responsibility With respect to the acts, omissions mistakes, statement, guarantee, insurance, breaches or negligence from Any Business from Parcel or from Other third what may causes Any injury, hurt or damage to the User. 

Any information or contents published or transmitted on private to attraverso from the Services it is responsibility exclusive from the person from who I know originated saying contents Y you access to bliss information Y contents to its own self risk Y SCTY GROUP Note it is responsable from No. error or omission on That information or contents or for Any hurt or lost what can suffer on relationship With I have. On the CASE​ from what exist some trouble, disputes or controversy With some Other User Y the Business from parcels, you you accept break-free to SCTY GROUP, Their representative representatives, officers, employees or agents from Any claim or demand what arise. 

Modification from the Terms of Service Y Terms 

SCTY GROUP can Modify the present Terms of Service Y Terms on Any moment, for it what we recommend its Revision regularly. Yes we implemented changes important, you we will notify from s timely according the circumstance, for example, we will show a notice outstanding on the Website or attraverso email electronic. On Some cases, you we will notify advance, Y its use continuous of Service a team implemented the changes will constitute its acceptance from the changes. Of same fashion, SCTY GROUP I know Booking the right from remove Any Contents from the Serviceyou on Any moment, for Any reason, to our alone discretion Y without Previous note. 

On of Pay 

you will be the obligation principal in order to the pay Y settlement total from the loads for our Services for it what you accept to pay everyone the fee and taxes noted. 

The rates from each service they can to vary for different circumstances alien to SCTY GROUP, for example: Increases on the prices of oil, inflation, tax, Increases on rates from transportation or rates from plots. It is possible what SCTY GROUP I requested what perform a Deposit minimum in order to the correct benefits from the Services. 

It is obligation of User Provide information from pay Y billing current, complete Y exact in order to its account. 

SCTY GROUP Note will perform none class from refund neither guarantee. SCTY GROUP Note will be responsable from No. position from customs local taxes from import or duty or loads Similary incurred to attraverso of transportation Y / or delivered from Any Shipping Y you shouldnt make sure from Yes Any from These loads will be applied. 

Limit from Responsibility 

SCTY GROUP Note Transportation neither delivered the shipments Y Note it is Part from No. contract what you here With the Business from Parcel in order to pickup, transportation or deliver Their shipments, for it what Any lost, hurt, Note delivered or delivered delayed of Shipping, or Any Other disputes or claim derivative of seed, Note it is loadable from none s to SCTY GROUP. 

SCTY GROUP Note assume responsibility related With the accuracy or veracity from some opinion, event or statement done to attraverso of Site. SCTY GROUP Note assume none responsibility for the damage or damages what I know they could to get to causes on virtue from the use from the information contained on the Website for some third. 

The User frees to SCTY GROUP from Any responsibility on CASE​ from what the package or Shipping Note agree With it Declared or what Yes this It constitutes Any from the Products what SCTY GROUP or the Business from Parcel consider prohibited. 

from same s the User exempts from responsibility to SCTY GROUP for lost, damage, Note delivered or delivered delayed of Shipping for Causes from CASE​ accidental; strength higher; acts or supplies from Authorities municipal, state or federal; for Wrongs or incomplete information of addressee. 

Availability of Website Web 

SCTY GROUP wants to be available to you at all times, so if there is a failure in the Site, you must communicate it to and we will try to correct it as soon as possible. 

SCTY GROUP Note I know hold responsible for Any hurt, damage or lost to the User Caused for faults on the systems, on the server or on Internet. SCTY GROUP Either will be responsable for Any virus, what Could foul the . of User or to the Companies from Parcel What consequence of access, use or exam from its website Web or to root from Any transfer from date, filets, pictures, text, or Audio contents on the same. The Users NOT will be able charge responsibility some neither demand the pay from damage or damages resulting and from difficulties technical or faults on the systems or on Internet. SCTY GROUP Note guarantees the access Y use continued or uninterrupted from its site. 

The system can Eventually Note to be available the two to difficulties technical or faults from Internet or for Any Other circumstance alien to SCTY GROUP; on Such Cases I know will seek reset it With the higher stem possible without what for it can charge some child from responsibility. SCTY GROUP Note will be responsable for No. error or omission from contents on its website Web.